Why become a Superintern?

The Web3 ecosystem is one of the most innovative spaces in the world right now and its growth seems to have no intentions of slowing down. There are tons of great opportunities coming up every day at projects revolving around DeFi, NFTs, DAOs and much more. We understand that the idea of working in web3 and earning in crypto is a novel one and might feel intimidating to someone just starting out in their career. The SuperIntern Program aims to solve that problem by providing stipend based internship opportunities at the best projects out there to talented folks who’re curious about this space.

Available Roles

Our Recruiters hire for a number of roles, here are some roles that are available currently.

Our awesome features

Perks of being a Superintern:

Get paid $500 per month (we know exposure can’t pay for your Netflix subscription)

Work with the brightest minds in the Web3 space.

Contributor role in the SuperteamDAO.

Be a part of a peer network of soooperinterns.

Join the Superteam Talent Network for full-time opportunities down the line.

You'd be a great fit if:

You’re a master executor and get shit done.

You have some basic knowledge about web3, NFTs, DeFi etc. (works even if you don’t and can learn quickly)

You’re a hacker at heart and can operate in ambiguity.

Curiosity is your superpower.

You can communicate and share ideas well.

Our awesome features

Become a Superintern!